Rumour: The Last Story renamed The Last World for the release in Europe on February 24

After various evidences about its arrival in Europe such as the inclusion in the Nintendo line-up announced during the 2011 GamesCom, and a playable and localised demo in Vienna Game City, some interesting rumors about The Last Story have surfaced in the last hours, and that’s something you cannot really expect. First and foremost, the release date: February 24 seems the day chosen by Nintendo of Europe to launch in our stores the last effort of Final Fantasy creator and award-winning designer Hironobu Sakaguchi; secondly, the name: it seems that The Last World will be the title which will appear on the cover instead of the one we all know.

The Last Story PAL - The Last World - Wii

Other news concerning Nintendo games out next year are spreading all over the web: Fortune Street, the Wii board game featuring characters from two of the biggest video game series, has been set for a release on January 5, and it will be renamed Boom Street as some rumors on an Australian forum pointed out some months ago. Moreover, one of the many DS sleeper hits will see the arrival of a (already available in Japan) sequel: Inazuma Eleven 2 will be released at the end of January, but there are no information about how it will appear in European stores, since the original game was split into two versions: Fire and Blizzard.