Tales of Monkey Island – Developers Interview

Replies by Sean Vanaman, writer/designer for some of Tales of Monkey Island games.

Tales of Monkey Island per Nintendo Wii Ware

Wiitalia: Making this game, how much have you been influenced by your previous experience with the “Monkey Island” saga?

Sean Vanaman: Making this game, how much have you been influenced by your previous experience with the “Monkey Island” saga? Well, I’m new to the franchise, but I’ve been influenced INFINITE amounts by my experience as a fan of the series. Mike Stemmle, one of the series leads, has worked on Monkey Island before, and Mark Darin, the other series lead is in the same boat as me. For both of us, it’s a huge opportunity to add to a world we’re both enormous fans of. Tonally, being such a fan has really helped me stay on track when it comes to what fits in the world.

Wiitalia: Have you intention to realize other seasons of “Monkey Island”, or do you think that such strategy won’t be suitable for this franchise, which has always been based on big and epic chapters?

Sean Vanaman: No “intentions” to speak of right now, but if there were more stories to tell in the world at the end of the season, I, personally, would be interested. It’s a great series to write for.

Wiitalia: Is it possible a future collaboration with Bill Tiller or Tim Schafer?

Sean Vanaman: I have no idea. Both of those guys have their own things going on. So I imagine it would be really hard. Although, I’m very excited to get my hands on Tim Schafer’s new game. I’ve always been a huge fan of the worlds he builds in his games.

Wiitalia: Will the game be released in Italian?

Sean Vanaman: We don’t have localizations planned right now.

Wiitalia: In the next episodes, will there be a return to the dark atmospheres and the black humour of “LeChuck’s Revenge”?

Sean Vanaman: The entire series will venture in and out of darker territory. The tone of the series ebbs and flows as you would hope. I’m really excited for some of the events coming up in later chapters.

Wiitalia: Are you interested in making a spin-off with other characters from the saga?

Sean Vanaman: I’m not, no.

Wiitalia:  Is there any chance for Michael Land to record some game tracks with the support of reggae musicians?

Sean Vanaman: Michael Land is doing the music right now, and any plans for his music are his own. It sure is awesome though.

Wiitalia: How much islands will be in the game? Will there be a new explorable island in each episode?

Sean Vanaman: If you’re familiar with Telltale games you can sort of expect how many new environments will be coming to you in each episode. However, without a “home base” you will be travelling from place to place in an “Odyssey” like fashion. Expect lots of new locales. Not all islands, per se.

Wiitalia:  How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Sean Vanaman: He would chuck just enough to sell to the other woodchucks in his woodchuck community to earn a little extra coin to buy the entire season of Monkey Island. Then he’d retire from woodchucking so as to not be distracted from the epic-ness of the game he just purchased. ;)