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Furry Legends: Developers Interview

Gamelion talk about their project for WiiWare in an exclusive interview released to Wiitalia.

Furry Legends per WiiWare

Wiitalia: Hii Lukasz. Please introduce your team and its history to Wiitalia’s readers.

Gamelion: Gamelion was founded in 2002 and currently employs around 100 people in total, across all departments and two main production studios in Poland. Although most of our work in the past was done for mobile devices (including iPhone), we always were working with a multi-platform approach and entering the Wii-market was a natural move for us. Begining this year, we’ve been also approved by Sony for PlayStation development and you can also expect later this year games from us on those platforms.

Wiitalia: How many people work in Gamelion and which individual competences they have?

Gamelion: We currently employ about 100 individuals here at Gamelion. It’s hard to talk about their individual competences, really. We have a lot of very talented people with strong technical and artistic backgrounds.

Wiitalia: Which other games did you develop before Furry Legends?

Gamelion: We have created quite a few games for the mobile phones. You can find Pac Man Pinball, Inspector Gadget, Fifa 07, Fifa 08, Tiger Woods, Sims 2 Pets, Hancock, Brain Training with Dr. Kawashima and other titles among our games. We’re working with leading market partners in the mobile space.

Wiitalia: When the idea to create Furry Legends has born? Which are its distinguishing elements?

Gamelion: We have decided to create something new for the Wii, and use some of the technology we already had. Furry Legends was born as a result of quite a few brainstorming sessions. The most distinguishable elements are 3D graphics with 2D gameplay, and interesting puzzles based on real-world physics. Everything is furry too!

Wiitalia: Now speak about the control system. Does the nunchuk is supported? Has motion detection included?

Gamelion: Yes, we do support Nunchuk. You will use the stick to roll your character left and right. We also have motion control for dashing and attacks. When you hold the B button and swing the Wii Remote Controller, your character will dash or attack in that direction.

Wiitalia: How long does it take to finish the game? What about its replay value?

Gamelion: It depends on the individual player, for some it might take a while, and for some, more experienced players, it will take less time to dash through the game. You will be able to unlock certain powers in the game and then try some of the previous levels to gain access to hidden areas.

Wiitalia: Will we see any DLC for Furry Legends in the future? Are you planning to serialize it?

Gamelion: Furry Legends will not support any kind of DLC in the initial release. It’s a whole new branch of technology we’re not ready to get into.
As for the next versions of Furry Legends – most likely you will see some more adventures of the Furballs. The initial WiiWare relase won’t contain everything we wanted to tell with Furry Legends. There’s space for growth for sure.

Wiitalia: Graphic asset is very good (not only for a WiiWare title) and sweet. Where have you taken inspiration?

Gamelion: Right after the first video of Furry Legends has appeared on internet, many people have noticed similarity with Lost Winds, either about the graphic or the gameplay.
Quite honestly, Lost Winds was our “benchmark” for Furry Legends. It’s a development term, meaning that the product should have a similar quality. We aimed to look at least as good as Lost Winds, and I think we can all agree that we’re pretty close. I’m not talking about the graphical style, as it was never our intention. Both games are 3D games with 2D gameplay, so people will see similarities all the time. The gameplay in Furry Legends is very different from Lost Winds. The only things that connect these games is that they’re both on WiiWare and they look gorgeous ;-)

Wiitalia: Are any multiplayer modes included?

Gamelion: We have planned initially for several modes of multiplayer, including CTF, races and so on. However, the development reality is harsh, and we had to remove these features in order to make the deadline for the core game. That’s not the last of Furry Legends, so watch out!

Wiitalia: Does the game use the Nintendo WFC or WiiConnect24?

Gamelion: We do not support any of these systems.

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